How to: Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

Just Spray Water and Harvest Your Organic Oyster Mushroom in 10 Days!

Oyster mushrooms are one of the most common types of cultivated mushrooms globally. They are health and tasty superfood that are high in nutrition. 

As soon as you receive the Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit, begin the steps below for best results. 

First steps:

In order to reduce air pockets inside the box and improve the mushrooms' ability to grow through the cut you will make, leave the substrate (bag) inside the box unopened. Using a sterile, sharp blade, carefully cut following the lines that have been drawn for you into the plastic, just piercing the substrate below. 


3–4 times a day, spray/mist the exposed surface of the cut-out with water. In a week or two, the first flush of mushrooms should be seen. Simply spray the bag's surface; do not peel back the cut. Inside, there is already the ideal level of moisture. Please email us or contact us with a picture of the cut surface if mushrooms have not appeared after 5 days. We will assist you in analysing the issue. The emergence of oyster mushrooms takes seven days. It is crucial to leave these alone even if you might notice some little mushrooms sprouting within the bag. Don't cut more or open the bag more than necessary. Through the "X" cut, the main mushrooms will quickly take over.

^^Repeat instructions for a second flush^^


The ideal location for your grow kit is inside your house, in a cool place (20°C) away from direct sunlight, such as a kitchen counter, laundry room, or bathroom. Oyster mushrooms need a lot of air to grow. Never place your kit in a closed area such as a closet or cupboard.


Once the majority of the caps have taken on the look of being wavy, the mushrooms are ready to be harvested. This usually takes 5-7 days from the time the pins first appear. You can also tell they're ready to be harvested if you see spores starting to fall from the caps. If you want confirmation, send a picture to us via email. A second crop of mushrooms may be exceedingly challenging to develop if they are already overgrown. Grab the entire group of mushrooms at the base and carefully pull them off with both hands, making sure to break it all off at once. There should be very little resistance when it is removed. Trim the stems' tough areas and substrate once the cluster has been removed.If the mushrooms are stored in a plastic container that is coated with paper towels, they can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Remove any remaining waste from the opening when harvesting is finished to make sure the substrate is now visible. 

Second flush:

Restart spraying the kit's cut surface 3-4 times a day. The appearance of consecutive harvests can take anywhere between 3 to 14 days. After 7 days, if no new mushrooms have appeared, stop misting for the following three days, and then send us a photo of the cut surface so that we can assist you. 

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Cook and enjoy! 

What's in the substrate: 

  • 45% Soybean hull 
  • 50% New Zealand Native Pine Sawdust 
  • 5% Oat grains
  • Fungal Mycelium