Embracing the Magic of Mushrooms with Kami: Empowering Children to Explore the Fungal Kingdom

Embracing the Magic of Mushrooms with Kami: Empowering Children to Explore the Fungal Kingdom

Welcome to our blog post, where we dive into the fascinating journey of Kami, one of the founders of Mushborn. Recently, Kami had the incredible opportunity to attend a transformative workshop at Waimauku Primary School. This workshop, designed for intermediate-level students (years 7 and 8), aimed to educate, inspire, and motivate young minds to learn about the wonders of mushrooms. In line with Mushborn's mission, Kami aimed to dispel myths surrounding mushrooms, encourage their consumption, and empower children to explore the benefits of growing and consuming these extraordinary fungi.

Setting the Scene: Waimauku Primary School Workshop
At Waimauku Primary School, Kami eagerly participated in a two-session workshop tailored specifically for intermediate-level students. The workshop brought together a group of curious minds who were initially skeptical about mushrooms, often considering them poisonous and fearing their consumption. Kami's mission was to change their perspective and spark a newfound interest in the world of mushrooms.

Dispelling Myths: Overcoming Fear and Misconceptions
Mushborn recognizes that many children harbor misconceptions about mushrooms. To address this, Kami devoted a significant part of the workshop to dispelling myths and alleviating fears. She reassured the students that not all mushrooms are poisonous and that, in fact, many mushrooms offer incredible benefits for their well-being.


The Taste of Mushrooms: Shiitake Crisps Delight
To give the students a delicious taste of mushrooms, Kami served them Shiitake crisps. These crispy treats delighted their taste buds and allowed them to experience the flavors and versatility of different mushroom varieties. This hands-on tasting adventure further reinforced the message that mushrooms can be both delicious and beneficial.

Hands-On Experience: Growing Mushrooms with Home Grow Kits
As part of the workshop, Kami provided home grow kits containing fully-grown mushrooms ready for harvest. This hands-on experience allowed the students to witness the fruition of the mushroom-growing process and establish an immediate connection to the end product. The excitement in their eyes as they observed the fully-grown mushrooms showcased the transformative power of hands-on learning.

Unveiling the Mushroom Cultivation Process
To demystify mushroom cultivation, Kami walked the students through the process of making mushroom substrate bags. With practical demonstrations, she showed them how to mix wood sawdust with soybean husks, add water, and then seal the bags. This simple yet effective process demonstrated how easily mushrooms can be grown at home, inspiring confidence in the students to embark on their own mushroom-growing endeavors.

Exploring Mushroom Mycelium and Injection
Kami also introduced the students to the concept of mushroom mycelium, the vegetative part of the fungus. She showcased samples of mycelium in storage and demonstrated how it is injected into the substrate. This visual demonstration fostered a deeper understanding of the symbiotic relationship between mycelium and the growing medium, captivating the students' curiosity and imagination.

Curiosity and Excitement
Throughout the workshop, the students eagerly asked questions, their curiosity piqued by the captivating world of mushrooms. Kami wholeheartedly engaged with them, answering their queries and fueling their excitement. Their active participation and genuine interest served as a testament to the success of the workshop in inspiring their passion for mushroom cultivation.

Continued Learning: Leaving Grow Kits for Ongoing Exploration:
Recognizing the importance of continued learning and exploration, Kami left a few mushroom grow kits at the school for both the teachers and students to continue their journey. This unique opportunity allowed them to witness the growth of mushrooms firsthand over the course of several months, reinforcing the knowledge gained during the workshop and nurturing a sense of responsibility and pride in their own cultivation endeavors.


Kami's participation in the workshop at Waimauku Primary School exemplifies Mushborn's commitment to educating and empowering children to explore the wonders of mushrooms. By dispelling myths, offering hands-on experiences, and providing practical demonstrations, Kami successfully ignited the students' passion for mushrooms. Their misconceptions transformed into curiosity, while their fear evolved into excitement and confidence. The workshop at Waimauku Primary School marked the beginning of a remarkable journey for these young minds, as they embark on their own mushroom-growing adventures and continue to explore the magic and benefits of the fungal kingdom.

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