Mushborn Academy

Welcome to Mushborn Academy, a premier destination for technology-driven mycology research and education. Join us in scenic New Zealand for immersive programmes integrating cutting-edge farming technologies with fungal science. Explore online courses, hands-on internships, and research opportunities designed to cultivate global expertise in modern agricultural practices focused on fungi.

Programme Description

At Mushborn Academy in picturesque New Zealand, we lead the way in technology-driven mycology research and education programmes that attract students and professionals from around the globe. Our institution combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, offering an unparalleled opportunity to explore the intersection of modern farming technologies and innovative fungal science.

Educational Offerings
Our comprehensive online courses cover a spectrum of mycology topics, from foundational studies to advanced applications in modern agriculture. Engage in hands-on learning through internships and research projects guided by leading experts in the field.

Internship and Research Opportunities
Immerse yourself in our dynamic internship and research programmes, where you'll gain practical experience in modern farming techniques alongside seasoned professionals. Collaborate on innovative projects that push the boundaries of mycology and sustainable agriculture.

Cutting-edge Technology Integration
Experience state-of-the-art farming technologies firsthand, including smart farming systems, precision agriculture tools, and advanced cultivation methods optimised for fungal-based production. Learn how technology enhances efficiency and sustainability in modern farming practices.

Global Networking and Collaboration
Connect with a diverse cohort of students and industry leaders from around the world, fostering global partnerships and collaborations. Exchange ideas, share insights, and contribute to international initiatives advancing the field of mycology.

New Zealand Immersion
Immerse yourself in the unique agricultural landscape of New Zealand, known for its natural beauty and commitment to sustainable farming practices. Explore local farms, engage with indigenous knowledge, and discover the rich biodiversity that inspires our work.

Practical Farming Experience
Apply theoretical knowledge in real-world settings through farm visits, fieldwork, and experiential learning opportunities. Gain practical skills in mushroom cultivation, mycorrhizal applications, and biotechnological innovations shaping the future of agriculture.

Research and Innovation Hub
Join a vibrant community of young urban farmers, researchers and innovators dedicated to advancing mycology in agriculture. Contribute to groundbreaking research projects, develop new technologies, and explore the potential of fungi in addressing global challenges.