Collection: Dad's Day Delights

Celebrate Father's Day with a touch of nature's goodness! 🌱 Introducing our exclusive Father's Day collection. Bring nature's touch and beauty to your home by gifting one of our Mushroom Home Grow Kits or elevate your dad's mornings with our Mushroom Coffee – a blend that energises and inspires. Pair it with our exquisite infused Mushroom Honey jar, a treat that adds a dash of sweetness to every moment. For those seeking balance, choose from our Shrooms Elixir Day or Night jars, perfect for enhancing focus and relaxation. And don't miss out on our micro dose Chocolates – a delightful indulgence in every bite. Make this Father's Day unforgettable with Mushborn – nurturing wellness, one sip at a time. Order now and let your dad experience the magic of mushrooms!