Mentorship- Gourmet Mushroom Farming

Welcome to Our Urban Mushroom Farming Mentorship Programme. Immerse yourself in real New Zealand's vibrant culture, lifestyle, and atmosphere while mastering the art of urban farming and gourmet mushroom farming.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, laid-back lifestyle, and breathtaking atmosphere of New Zealand during our 2-week urban mushroom farming mentorship program. Nestled within the serene surroundings of our lifestyle farm, you'll have the opportunity to connect with the essence of Kiwi living while honing your skills in sustainable agriculture.

What You Will Learn

1. Mycology Essentials: Dive into the fundamentals of mycology and learn how to apply them in practical farming settings.

2. Lab Setup and Management: Gain invaluable skills in setting up and managing a mushroom inoculation laboratory, ensuring optimal conditions for successful cultivation.

3. Incubation Techniques: Master the incubation process to nurture healthy mushroom cultures from start to finish.

4. Fruiting and Harvesting: Learn the ins and outs of fruiting mushrooms, managing fruiting rooms, enhancing productivity, and implementing effective environmental control systems.

5. Product Diversification: Explore the various mushroom-based products, including fresh produce, dried mushrooms, powders, and extracts, and discover innovative ways to incorporate them into your culinary creations.

6. Business Setup and Marketing: Acquire essential knowledge for setting up and running a successful mushroom business, including strategic marketing and sales techniques.

7. Community Engagement: Participate in local farmers' markets or expos to showcase your products and engage with the community.

8. Research&Science Project: Acquire essential knowledge and research skills for scientific studies. Under supervision of the mentor, student will design and conduct a long term study in mushroom related subjects.

9. Extracurricular Activities: Enjoy immersive outdoor experiences such as kayaking, ocean swimming, and rainforest walks, rejuvenating your mind and body amidst nature's beauty.

What We Offer *

- Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned highly educated trainers and professionals with years of experience in the field of urban mushroom farming.
- Hands-On Experience: Put theory into practice as you work alongside our team in a real farming environment.

- Lifestyle Exploration: Embrace the Kiwi way of life as you embark on outdoor adventures, soak up the stunning natural landscapes, and unwind amidst the tranquility of rural living.

- Comprehensive Support: Receive mentoring and consulting for six months following the completion of the programme to ensure your continued success.  
- Affordable Pricing: Access top-notch training, accommodation, and meals at competitive rates, making it accessible to all.

*Terms and conditions apply. This is not for setup a commercial farming. In that case, we require a tailored supervision programme.

Program Fees

Our main programme is designed for those people who wants to become a commercial mushroom grower. However, if you are looking for more flexible in time and course-period, shorter or 1-2 days per week, please let us know and we will tailor the course for you. In the following you see the fees for our standard 2-weeks programme:

A) Two Weeks On-Site Training:

Individual: NZ$1800
Couple: NZ$2800

You also have the following options if you prefer to stay on-site during your course:

B) Accommodation (staying with us in the farm house. You will have a private bedroom room):

Individual: NZ$600
Couple: NZ$800

C) Food (prime household Breakfast, Dinner and coffee/tea and snacks):

Individual: NZ$600
Couple: NZ$1000
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